What is the course like?:

This is a beautiful course with a rather boring start. What can I say?Parker-River-bridge

The race starts by the huge windmill in the Industrial Park on Parker Street. For about a mile you run on flat, wide and easy roads through the Industrial Park – which is not all that bad… Then you head on into some of the prettiest roads in Newbury.

The course itself is a lollipop loop – a rural, beautiful 5 mile single-loop through Newbury. Great views of fields, salt marsh preserve and country roads abound along this loop. From Mile 4 to 6 on your right is a very large nature area called the Martin H.Burns Wildlife Management area.

You will pass through a small section of Newbury, past the High School then the ivy league buildings of Goverail-trailrnor’s Academy at mile 7.

Next up is a special area of salt marsh and a splendid bridge over the Parker River.

Miles 9 to 12 you will repeat miles 1-3, then get ready for a special treat. The Clipper City rail trail, a 1.3 mile paved traffic free route all the way back to the finish at Michael’s Harborside.

The finish is right on the Merrimack Harbor water front with spectacular views of the harbor and the mighty Merrimack watershed.

Course Hills: This is a relatively easy course. The highest elevation is only 64 feet. There are no major hills and most hills are simply rollers that come and go quite easily.

Map My Run – Cool interactive map with elevation: Click Here


Elevation Grid: